Saturday, August 17, 2019

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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

The Presidents Report

The Chapter's Motto
"Keeping the Memories Alive"

Board of Directors:
President: Pat Keeley
Vice-President: Stan Goldstein (466th BG)
Secretary: Pat Keeley
Treasurer: Pat Keeley
Membership Manager: David Levitt

Greetings Fellow Members of Our Illustrious Chapter

Chapter Update:

I wanted to update the Chapter's membership that on Sunday June 2nd the Chapter and  friends had a great Luncheon at the Plainview LI NY Holiday Inn.
We had 4 WWII Veterans of which 3 were D-Day Veterans honoring the 75th Anniversary of D-Day June 6, 1944. 

David Levitt presented the French Jubilee of Liberty Medal to the following

I have more photos of the Luncheon please contact me if you would like to see more

Taken at the National Museum of the United Stated Air Force in Dayton, Ohio at the 8th AFHS 44th Annual Reunion
October 2018

The restored Memphis Belle





I would like to thank those of you that sent in their dues and donations to help 'Keep the Memories Alive' 
I am looking forward to seeing you there..

I also wanted to update our NYS Chapter members that the NYS DMV now have a new 8th Air Force license plate.
If interested check the following:

PLEASE help support the Chapter by sending in your $15.00 2019 dues.
Remember the Officers and Board Members are volunteers and receive no salaries. Your dues are used for the Chapter expenses such as the Newsletter, Website, Luncheons and more.

The New York Southern Wing Chapter of the 8th Air Force Historical Society was founded in October 1990 and Incorporated in the County of Nassau State of New York officially on February 23rd, 1991.
Pat Keeley, President.

Please help us to 'Keep Their Memories Alive' by paying your dues

Joseph 'Pat' Keeley

Your membership is what 'Keeps the Memories Alive'
Please help support our Chapter and the 8th Air Force Historical Society

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Mission Briefing

Narrative - Official Air Force Mission Description August 18, 1944 

Mission 561: 52 B-24s are dispatched to hit Roye/Amy Airfield, France (42) and 10 hit targets of opportunity; 2 B-24s are lost, 1 damaged beyond repair and 37 damaged; 2 airmen are KIA, 1 WIA and 21 MIA. Escort is provided by 96 of 99 P-51s without loss.  

Mission 562: 720 bombers and 242 fighters are dispatched against bridges, airfields, fueld dumps and an aircraft engine factory in France and Belgium; 2 bombers and 1 fighter are lost:

1. 269 B-17s are dispatched against bridges at Namur (37), Liege/Benoit (36), Huy (35), Yvoir (35), Liege/Seraing (26), Vise (25) and Maastricht (24); 13 hit Tongres marshaling yard, 12 hit Eindhoven Airfield and 12 hit targets of opportunity; 57 B-17s are damaged and 5 airmen are WIA. Escort is proivded by 99 of 153 P-38 and P-51s; they claim 46-0-15 Luftwaffe aircraft on the ground; 1 P-38 is lost (pilot is MIA), 1 P-51 is damaged beyond repair and 1 P-38 is damaged.

2. 256 B-24s are dispatched to hit airfields at Metz (78) and Nancy/Essey (70) and Woippy (60) and Laneureville (35); 1 B-24 is damaged beyond repair; 4 airmen are KIA and 2 WIA. Escort is provided by 38 of 43 P-51s; 1 P-51 is lost (pilot is MIA).

3. 195 B-17s are dispatched to hit St Dizier Airfield (116), Pacy-sur-Armancon (39) and Bourran (38); 1 other hits a target of opportunity; 7 B-17s are damaged. Escort is provided by 93 of 96 P-51s; they claim 2-0-3 aircraft on the ground; 2 P-51s are lost (pilots are MIA).
Mission 564: 7 of 7 B-17s drop leaflets in France during the night.

Source: THE ARMY AIR FORCES IN WORLD WAR II: COMBAT CHRONOLOGY, 1941-1945 by Carter / Mueller, the Office of Air Force History

For further great mission details please check

                                  Savannah, Georgia

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

History Teacher a 'HERO' to the Veterans he Honored over the Years

This was on CBS Evening News April 2, 2019
Thought I would post for those that missed it.
Cheers to John !!

Thursday, May 09, 2019

We Remember

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Airmen killed during World War II crash honored 75 years later

This was on CBS Evening News February 22, 2019
Thought I would post for those that missed it.
Cheers to Tony!

Monday, February 18, 2019

Stan Goldstein's Recent Interview

Please check below a recent interview by the Daily Freeman
with Stan Goldstein the Chatpter's Vice President.